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Built to meet the highest expectations, still remain user friendly, flexible and cost effective, IMPACT sets a new course for the Voice Alarm System industry.

The IMPACT system combine battery charger capabilities with the integrated power amplifier. The DCA-2.500 amplifier not only drives the system up to an impressive 1000 Watt, but it also charges and surveys a scalable battery pack for up to three 1000 Watt amplifiers. This not only reduces hardware and rack-space but most importantly, it decreases installation and operational costs whilst increasing reliability. Simple to configure with its easy to use GUI tool guiding software you create a systems solution with multiple Voice-Alarm zones, paging-zones and music areas in minutes. High quality DSP-processing guarantees state of the art audio performance throughout the building as well as highly intelligible pre-recorded and live message broadcast for both commercial and live-safety applications.  


The IMPACT system consists of only two chassis, one controller that transfers the network data stream to the amplifier and a DCA-2.500 amplifier completed with the 4E-SW6 module, intelligent 2-in-6 switching and zoning module dislocated “with built-in loudspeaker monitoring that subdivides broadcasts into a multiple of six sub-areas.

IMPACT  Voice Alarm System


The COMPACT Networked VACIE solution is based on distributed boxed-amplifiers concept. This cutting-edge of digital audio-distribution technology, represents a variety of compact self-contained wall-mounted Control and Indicating Voice Alarm panels, creating a flexible and still simple to control distributed VACIE concept. The COMPACT is a thoroughly ‘system-in-a–box’ concept which offers the simplicity of a stand-alone conventional voice evacuation system and the benefits of global Network topology. 


The system boosts both unique and affordable technology, which meets the exacting demands for VACIE Equipment for Voice Alarm applications. Fully compliant with both EN54-16 and EN54-4 regulations. 

COMPACT  Voice evacuation system


4EVAC is a revolutionary new class of commercial Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment solutions. 4EVAC consists of a comprehensive range of fully approved quality products designed and manufactured in Europe. As facilities and projects expand, so must the Voice Alarm and life safety systems that protect them. 


The Fault Isolator Module (FIM) is the successor in our range of loudspeaker loop-isolator devices that are using our patent technology to deliver a higher level of availability of evacuation loudspeaker lines that are installed according to the return-loop principle.

LOOPDRIVE FIM Loudspeaker line isolator

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