Voice Alarm Control

and Indicating Equipment


Mounting instructions

4EVAC is a revolutionary new class of commercial Voice-Alarm Control and Indication Equipment solutions. 4EVAC consists of a comprehensive range of fully approved quality products designed and manufactured in Europe. As facilities and projects expand, so must the Voice-Alarm and life safety systems that protect them. 4EVAC is designed to appeal to both the end user and installer with the latest Voice-Alarm technology packaged in an easy to install single boxed solution. 4EVAC delivers you the ability to adapt to rapidly changing needs and to provide complete control over your Voice-Alarm system.

Position and fix bracket on the wall
Hang cabinet and lock cabinet.
Special battery bracket
Add the batteries
Fix the nob and twist.
Slide front cover in position
Close cabinet.
Ease of installation and engineering underpins the concept of the COMPACT. It runs through all the products. Installation is simplified by allowing electronics to be easily removed for first fix, whilst a simple but effective wall-bracket provides user friendly cabinet positioning by a single person.
Configuration software and fault finding tools speed up commissioning.

Fully compliant:


In order to ensure peace of mind for both the installer and end user, 4EVAC products are third party approved and certified to relevant European standards.

4EVAC approvals go beyond the minimum requirements including EN54-16:2008, EN54-4:2006 EN54-17:2005 and EN50130-4:2011.

Access level protection


The ‘clip’ locks the firemen microphone. The clip needs to be remove in order to open the door and slide the microphone upwards out of the holder. This is required to  achieve what they call 'access-level’ protection.

4evac-Access level protection

More zones, Fewer amplifiers


Small loads are a perfect match for the SW6-SWITCHING module. A simple way to distribute high power over multiple small loads. No rack-build, No engineering!

4evac-sw6-switching module