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Loopdrive - FIM-VC + V60


Playing backgroundmusic is a necessity for i.e. shopping-malls, restaurants, hotels and fashion stores. But you might not want to have the same level everywhere in the building.
Loopdrive FIM-VC provides you with local volumecontrol of the backgroundmusic in combination with paging-override using existing 2-wire infrastructure.

The FIM-VC can handle up to 50 Watt of loudspeaker load
on its T-branch and provides 8-step volume control plus an AUXILAIRY input for a local audio source. Ideal for shops where they like to select from in-house entertaining feed to their own in-store music player. In case of an emergency, the FIM-VC will automatically override the in-store music player and broadcast the emergency messages coming form the inhouse voice-evacuation system.

The FIM-VC follows the Loopdrive concept and acts as an
isolator in cause of cable short and/or cable open faults. The override function is triggered by the additional 20 kHz carrier that is mixed with the paging/emergency broadcast.

Main benefits:
  • Emergency paging and BGM over a 2-wire system

  • No need for any additional 24 VDC override cable

  • Local volumecontrole and local music entry (AUX)

  • Quick and simple to install.

Technical data:
  • Trigger threshold: 7.5 Vrms (20 kHz)

  • Inrush period for override: 0.3 sec

  • Fade-out period after override: 1.0 sec.

FIM-VC contains:
  • 1 x single gang flushmount Volume controller V60 (60 W).

  • 1x surfacemount FIM-VC controller.



Single-gang flushmount box (optional)


WAGO push terminals


The WAGO push terminals used on the FIM accept from 0,8 to 2,5 mm2 core installation cable. A simple but effective tie-wrap quickly secures the cable onto the loopdrive housing.


The FIM is equipped with WAGO push terminals
that accept up to 2,5 mm2 core installation cable.

A special tool is provided to
quickly remove all three wires in one run.
(Release-tool is included)

4evac-The WAGO push terminals used on the FIM accept from 0,8 to 2,5 mm2 core installation cable.

Wago push terminals

Sliding to open

 4evac-A simple but effective tie-wrap quickly secures the cable onto the loopdrive housing.


The FIM-VC is equipped with clearly market connectors. The FIM-VC has a LOOP-FEED and LOOP-RETURN connection that are not sensitive for feeding direction. LOOP has a DC-carrier for charging and communication purpose.

Please observe correct connectivity:



  • GREEN = GROUND (If applicable)

The T-Branch load is maximised to 50W. The FIM-VC’ external controller has a 3-wire cable with a maximum length of 50 m. 

The OVERRIDE signal must be send together with any emergency message. The override signal must be: 20 kHz / 7,5 Vrms

The FIM-VC has a 3-wire cable output that connects to the FIM-VC’s remote volume controller with a power handling of 50 W The FIM-VC’s Volume controller has a separate AUX input for an external 100 V amplifier.

A local source is automatically override when emergency paging from the VACIE is applied. Same override function is applied when the volume controller is set to any other position than: MAX.

General FIM operation:


The FIM is equipped with a power capacitor that is charged by the LDB and has enough capacity to run at least two measurement cycles without the need for recharging.

The LED indicator(s) on the FIM are flashing with intervals to indicate quiescent or fault condition. The FIM has a RESET button and EOL-enable switch. Please refer to the User and Installation manual V01R01 for detailed information.

The maximum number of loudspeakers between any two FIM’s is restricted by the maximum loop-load of 800 W. National standards might call for restrictions.

The T-Branch has a load limit of 50 W. If multiple loudspeakers are connected to the T-branch, the EOL switch need to be set on: ENABLE and a EOL resistor has to be applied.

The FIM has two indicators that are related to the status of either LOOP-A or LOOP-B side (Loop feed). If both indicators are flashing alternately, the fault information is related to the T-Branch status. Please refer to the User and Installation manual V01R01 for detailed information on the various indications of these indicators.


Specifications / Fault Isolator Module Volume Controller ( FIM-VC )

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