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Voice Alarm Control

and Indicating Equipment




The COMPACT distributed VACIE comes in a single-box equipped with:


  • Compliant battery charger for job fitting 24 VDC back-up Batteries to comply with National standards;

  • Battery backup storage for battery sizes from 12 V/10 AH to 12 V/55 AH;

  • 2 x Global network ports (RJ45) redundant ring;

  • 3 x Local network ports (RJ45) local I/O devices (Surveilled);

  • 2 x BGM (One reserved for frontpanel Firemen microphone);

  • 8 x GPI terminal block (Opto-isolated);

  • 8 x GPO terminal block (Open collector);

  • Secured output: EVAC & FAULT;

  • Secured input: RESET, SILENCE & 6x EVAC;

  • 6 channel 16-message local message player

  • USB interface;

  • Pre-stored and exchangeable SD-card;

  • 6 x 100 V/50 V line output;

  • 4 x DA200 amplifier module slots:

3 x DA200 amplifiers for 6-zones

1 x DA200 amplifier for active back-up.

Audio customizing

DA200 dual-channel module (4 slots):

  • 3 pcs. DA200, 6x100 WPink-noise; 

  • 2 pcs. DA200, 4 x 100 W RMS (in case of a 4 zones 
    100 W configuration);

  • 2 pcs. DA200, 2 x 200 W (bridge-mode in case of a 2-zone 200 W configuration i.e. combinations with LDB-01 – Loopdrive and SW6 Switching module;

  • Fourth slot is reserved for a back-up amplifier module DA200.

Control/Indications & Firemen microphone


  • Control and Indicating panel (Native language optional);

  • Firemens-microphone with access-level protection (Level 2).

Access level protection

The ‘clip’ locks the firemen microphone. The clip needs to be remove in order to open the door and slide the microphone upwards out of
the holder. This is required to achieve what they call ‘access-level’ protection.

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4EVAC Manager

4EVAC Manager is a management application tool that provides a comprehensive application specific interface to your COMPACT networked system. The software provides an easily accessible view of your overall system status and makes system operation very easy through an intuitive and secure configuration tool that makes complex programming and service easier than ever. 4EVAC Manager is the ideal addition to your COMPACT system management in complex facilities. 


  • Configuration software supports all integrated system components;

  • Firmware upgrades in the field;

  • Flashcard exchange protocol for quick system update / programming without the need for a computer.

Amplifier module, DA200


Depending on the application it can deliver up to 200 Watts continues power.  Each DA200 amplifier delivers 2 x 100 Watt or can be linked into 1 x 200 Watts ‘bridge mode’ in case of return-loop zone methods in combination with Loopdrive or with the SW6 Switching module.


Each COMPACT has by default adequate PSE and battery charging capacity to serve a maximum loudspeaker load of 600 Watts RMS in EMERGENCY mode that can be assigned to the DA200 as follows:​


  • 3 pcs. DA200, 6 x 100 W RMS.

  • 2 pcs. DA200, 4 x 100 W RMS (in case of a 4 zone 100W configuration);

  • 2 pcs. DA200, 2 x 200 W (bridge-mode in case of a 2-zone 200 W configuration i.e. combinations with LDB-01 – Loopdrive and SW6 Switching module;

Or any of above combination within a maximum speaker load of 600 W RMS (Pink-noise).

System security:
  • AC End-of-line monitoring;

  • Earth fault detection;

  • RS485 interface with the LDB-01, Loopdrive Booster;

  • Sleep mode function on the amplifiers

  • Protected against overload if short-circuited by means of controlled voltage regulation (VCA)

  • Protected against overheating.

4evac-da200 batteries-compact500-voice evacuation system
Sophisticated Audio/Voice Evacuation

  • True multi-channel audio allows each node to broadcast up to six simultaneous and unique alarm and alert messages;

  • Synchronized pre-recorded audio signaling across nodes plus two ‘live-streams’ broadcast over all nodes to control common areas;

  • Digitized voice messages utilizing custom .wav files;

  • Paging from a central location and/or any node to broadcast into local or global zones.

Battery compartment

The COMPACT comes with a special battery bracket that can hold batteries from a minimum of 12 V/10 AH to a maximum of 12 V/55 AH. The integral battery charger, PSE, has been certified to charged up to 12V/5 AH within 24-hours. For a standard fully equipped installation with 3-DA200 amplifiers and a backup DA200 amplifier, that needs to run for the minimum normative period of 30 minutes on full-load and 24 hours in quiescent state, it requires 12 VDC 38 AH batteries.


In case de COMPACT is not fully equipped with the maximum number of DA200 amplifiers and/or not loaded to the maximum extent of 600 W RMS, there is a choice of batteries in the range of 12 V/10 AH to 12 V/55 AH, or when longer selfsupporting periods are required, i.e. when there is no maintenance contract in place.

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