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Multichannel Switching VACIE



Small loads are a perfect match for the 4E-SW6 REMOTE CONTROLLED ZONE EXPANDER module. A simple way to distribute various loads over a multiple of 6-speaker lines / zones. 
No rackbuild, No engineering! 
This is efficiency !
4evac-IMPACT-SW6-Switching module
More zones, Fewer amplifiers

The 4E-SW6 Remote Controlled Zone Expander module is a simple and cost- effective way to distribute various loads over a multiple of 6-speaker lines / zones. 
The IMPACT concept is simple yet powerful: When combined with 4EVAC’s DCA- 2.500, or other third-party single high- power two-channel amplifier, the 4E-SW6 switching module generates simultaneous EVAC and ALERT announcements or paging messages and background music (BGM) into six switched speaker lines. By adding more 4E-SW6 switching modules, it is possible to produce any multiple of six speaker lines, which can be grouped in virtual paging zones. 

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Remote Controlled Zone Expander Module

Powered by a single DCA-2.500 two channel amplifier, the 4E-SW6 switching module provides dual-simultaneous, uninterrupted signals for any combination of paging, BMG, EVAC and ALERT for six manageable speaker lines. 
A third internal channel is used by the surveillance tone generator to continuously check the integrity of the cable and detects any faults. The third internal channel can also be addressed if the speaker lines need to be silenced. 
The transmission-line detection is based on End-Of-Line (EOL) measurement. The 4E- SW6 generates a pilot tone that feeds into a tuned EOL. This way each speaker line of the 4E-SW6 is monitored for line-short and line-open faults. 
The 4E-SW6 switching module is easy to install. It comes in a quick-snap DIN- rail housing and is supplied with speaker line connectors that directly accept external field cabling up to 2.5 mm2/12 AWG. 
Each speaker line is able to support loads from as small as 1W to as big as 200 W, with a total load of 500W per 4E-SW6. 
This ‘dynamic-load-distribution’ makes IMPACT the most flexible and versatile VACIE system in the industry and optimises the use of all modules on the network. 

BASIC SET UP Paging only
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  • L-Net connection for daisy-chain single or redundant connection to its CONTROLLER.

  • Audio A and B input, for simultaneous Paging and BGM or EVAC and pre-Alert.

  • 6 switchable output lines for speaker loads from 1 to 400 Watt

  • Addressable 0 -256

  • Status indication per line: Audio A/B and line OPEN/SHORT

  • Certification: EN54-16/2008

  • Audio input lines: 2, channel A and channel B

  • Audio input load Max. 800 Watt on each channel (100 V)

  • Rated output power/ch 200 W (100 V)

  • Network interface: 2x L-Net

  • Indications: OPEN / SHORT line
    ch A selected / ch-B selected

  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (-3 dB)

  • Power consumption:
    DC 24 VDC/175 mA (quiescent)
    24 VDC/225 mA (Max, all relays activated)

  • Mechanical:
    19” rack use, DIN-rail (HxWxD) 65 x 90 x 118 mm
    Weight 375 g
    Colour RAL7037

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