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March 5, 2020

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4EVAC is a trade name of Hacousto Holland B.V.

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Design :


Multichannel Switching VACIE



The CONTROLLER integrates seamlessly to the COMPACT 500 topology offering maximum versatility, meeting today’s challenging market demands. 

The IMPACT CONTROLLER manages and prioritises incoming audio streams based on the signal priority table sending it over the AMP-link to the DCA-2.500 amplifier A and B channels. The remote controlled zone expander units 4E-SW6 send the audio from A and B channels to the required zone(s). Using this method ensures a dynamic assignment of the audio streams to the monitored switching lines in the 4E-SW6.

The CONTROLLER is the heart of the IMPACT system. Housed in a 1U 19-inch rack-mountable frame, it manages all VACIE operations. This involves the management and prioritising of audio streams coming from the network.


CONTROLLER deals with inputs according to their own signal priority table, distributing the audio using the digital AMP-link module, which handles two prioritised streams through a dynamic assignment technique, to a maximum of 32 DCA-2.500 amplifiers.

The 4E-SW6 remote controlled zone expander units housed remotely in the easy-wire racks, work directly to the CONTROLLER. This set-up routes audio from the A and B channels of the amplifier into the required speaker lines and zone or zones. 

The CONTROLLER manages two simultaneous audio streams over an expandable switching matrix. This is able to extend from a minimum of 6 speaker lines to a maximum of over 1500 speaker lines, which are grouped into a maximum of 255 virtual paging zones.

The CONTROLLER provides all mandatory indicators according to the EN54-16 standard and provides GPI and GPO interfacing, global and local network ports, TCP-IP ports and an AMP-link that interfaces with the DCA-2.500 amplifiers over a dedicated RS485 bus for audio and data control. 


The CONTROLLER uses the same 4EVAC-manager as the COMPACT, which makes the interaction between the two systems straightforward and easily combined into one system.

4evac-IMPACT-Controller combined with compact 500

Offering ‘dynamic-load-distribution’ over the speaker lines from 1 Watt to 400 W, one CONTROLLER can manage up to 32xDCA-2.500 amplifiers with a combined output power of up to 32,000 W.


The CONTROLLER integrates seamlessly with the topology of the COMPACT box-on-the-wall VACIE system, which offers maximum versatility and meets today’s challenging market demands. 


  • Power indicator

  • EVAC indicator

  • General fault indicator

  • Power supply fault indicator

  • System fault indicator

  • Network fault Indicator

Communication ports:
  • AMP-link 1 (DCA2.500)

  • Global network port 2

  • Local network port 3

  • TCP/IP 1

  • WAN-audio link 1

Signal lines:
  • BGM inputs 2 (analogue)

  • GPI-EVAC 16

  • GPO 8

  • FAULT out 1

  • RESET out 1

  • EVAC out 1

Message storage:
  • 16min (WAV)

  • 16 messages

  • Local frequency 50 Hz to 20 kHz (-3 dB)

  • Global frequency 100 Hz to 12 kHz(-3 dB)

  • S/N >90 dB

  • THD+N 0,05

Power consumption:
  • DC 24 VDC/300 mA

  • Compliant to EN54-16

  • 19” rack use, (HxWxD)

  • with brackets 44,2 x 483 x 365

  • Weight 5 kg

  • Colour RAL7037

  • EN54-16/2008