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4EVAC is a trade name of Hacousto Holland B.V.

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Design :


Multichannel Switching VACIE


IMPACT DCA 2.500 - D-Class Charger Amplifier

on the batteries
The IMPACT DCA-2.500 Is a compact 2U, 19”, 2-channel Class-D transformer isolated power amplifier for 100 V and 50 V distributed loudspeaker systems. The amplifier outputs can be bridged into a staggering 1000 W. The in-built EN54-4 compliant scalable battery charger with a temperature sensor makes this amplifier the FIRST EN54-4 certified in the market.

The DCA-2.500 D-Class amplifier provides powerful audio amplification certified to EN54-16 and EN54-4. It delivers 2x500 W outputs and is housed in a 2U 19-inch rackhousing.

Standing apart from any conventional power amplifier, the DCA-2.500 features an in-built scalable battery charger with a temperature sensor that is EN54-4 compliant.

Up to three DCA-2.500 amplifiers can be stacked together sharing a single battery pack, providing back-up power and recharging capabilities.

The amplifier has been designed along 'old-school' lines and features a transformer isolated with 100 V and 50 V outputs for distributed loudspeaker systems. It can also run in bridge-mode to produce a staggering 1000 W. With cutting edge design the DCA amplifier sets a standard for the most demanding projects.

The DCA-2.500 boasts a dual voltage mains supply combined with a secondary 24 VDC battery backup, crucial for ultimate reliability and durability in a VACIE system.

A Master/Slave system architecture, dictated by the AMP-LINK, regulates the battery charging procedure and status control.


The AMP-LINK module offers a local analogue AUX entry for local music playback into channel A and/or B. This allows for third party Commercial use integration, hence still complying to the VACIE standards.

4EVAC COMPACT CONTROLLER input card specifications:

  • AMP-link with 2 prioritised audio streams with dynamic assignment.

  • Audio input for local source, switchable to CH A / CH B or both.

  • Input signal protection (gain control)

  • Volume attenuation for local source

  • Volume attenuation for CH A / B

  • Battery charging disablement

  • NON-EN54-16 setting (for commercial use only)

  • Local-source audio input will mute during override signal from AMP-link.

DCA2.500 AMP-Link module:



  • Loudspeaker output: DCA2.500

  • Rated channel load 20 ohm (100 V)

  • Rated output power/ch 500 W (100 V)

  • Two channels bridged 1000 W (100 V)

  • Frequency response: 40 Hz to 20 kHz (-3 dB)

  • S/N >90 dB

  • Distortion <0,1% @ 1 kHz @

  • -10 dB

  • EN54-16:2008 

  • EN54-4:1997/A1:2002/A2:2006

Power consumption:
  • AC 115 V/230 V 1150 W

  • DC 42 A

  • Compliant to EN54-4

Battery charger:
  • Charging capacity 30 AH battery

  • Master + 2 x slave 100 AH battery

  • 19” rack use, (HxWxD)

  • with brackets 88,5 x 483 x 365

  • Weight 8 kg

  • Colour RAL7037