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Multichannel Switching VACIE


Tutorial and Technical Specifications

IMPACT system basic features complying to EN54-16:

Main features:

• Power amplifier, 2 x 500 W
• Back-up amplifier included
• Battery charger for 30 min full-load and 24 hours      standby
• 12-loudspeaker lines / zones with EOL using 4E-SW6
• Simultaneous Paging & BGM or EVAC & ALERT into all-zones
• Phased evacuation into all-zones
• Multiple message player
• 32 x GPIO for fire-panel triggering
• Local aux/music entry on amplifier for commercial use into all-zones.

IMPACT hardware used:

• 1 x DCA2.500
• 2 x 4E-SW6
• 1 x 4E-FMTC (optional Wallbox Fireman microphone)
• 12 x EOL module
• 2 x 12 VDC/38 AH batteries

Standalone system (single controller) 

Number of zones max. 96 local zones 
Maximum total output power 16000 W 
Dedicated power amplifiers DCA2.500 2 x 500 W, max. 32 x 500W (max. 16 x DCA2.500) 
Standby power amplifiers 500W per backup channel (configurable from 0 to 16 backup channels) 
Loudspeaker line monitoring 
 SW6 20kHz AC monitoring with EOL module, short/open/impedance deviation 
 LOOPDRIVE loop DC monitoring with short-circuit isolators, short/open/earth leakage, EN54-17 
Voice messages 
 Storage max. 22 audio files x 5 minute each, micro-SD card with content monitoring 
 Message player Max. 2 simultaneous local message playback, priority control 
Controls and indications 
 General controls / indications Lamp test button, silence button, power, evac, general fault LED indicators 
 Fault indications Power supply, system fault, network 
 Evac manual control EVAC message, ALERT message, SILENCE, RESET 
Power supply PSE integrated within DCA2.500 (EN 54-4 certified) 
 DC supply input 24 – 30V DC (from DCA2.500) 
 Power consumption 140 mA @24V DC 
2 x BGM 2 x balanced analogue audio mono input, 0dBu, input impedance 15kΩ 
16x EVAC in monitored analogue inputs, 4.7kΩ +10kΩ EOL resistors 
EVAC out, FAULT out, RESET out Potential-free relay output (configurable NO/NC) max. 1A 
GPO 8 x Open collector output (configurable NO/NC) max. 24V / 110mA 
Amplifiers (on AMP-LINK bus) 
Type DCA2.500 Class D, transformer-less, direct output 
PSE integrated power supply equipment, EN54-4 certified 
 DC output 2A auxiliary purpose DC output 
 Charger 4A charger output, max. 100Ah (>80% in 24h according to EN54-4) 
Protection over load shutdown, over temperature shutdown 
Backup amplifiers auto backup at end stage failure, auto restore 

Efficiency 96% @ rated power (DC-powered) 
Output voltage max. 100V RMS 
Rated power 500W per channel 
Bandwidth 50 Hz – 20 kHz 
SNR >80 dB 
THD + N <0.1% @ rated power 
 Frequency response 
 Local BGM 50 Hz – 20 kHz (AMP-LINK) uncompressed 
 Messages, network streaming 100 Hz – 12 kHz (G-NET) compressed 
 Analog input- output latency < 10 ms (stand-alone system) 
 Network audio stream format 24 kHz sampling, ADPCM compressed 
 Message file input format 16 bit WAV, max. 5 minutes 
 DSP features HP/LP filter, multipoint parametric EQ, input / output level 
 No. of output audio channels (AMP-LINK) 2 
 Dimensions (HxWxD) 4.4 x 44 x 34 cm (1U) 
 Weight 4 kg 
 Housing material Steel 
 IP rating IP 30 
 Mounting 19” rack mounting 
Operating conditions 
 Temperature -5 ~ 40°C 
 Relative humidity max. 90% (non condensing) 
Storage temperature -40 ~ 70°C 
Network system 
Max. number of devices in the network 254 
Max. number of zones 254 
Max. number of loudspeaker lines 1434 
Max. total system output power 119.5 kW 
Number of simultaneous network audio channels 2 
Network audio transmission latency 0.3 ms per device 
Local network 
 Architecture Master-slave, up to 16 slave devices per Controller 
 Connection 3 x L-Net port, RJ-45, powered daisy chain, digital audio & control data 
 Cabling X-over FTP CAT5e (or higher) 
 Current consumption max. 500 mA per L-Net port 
 Max. length of local link (node-to-node) 
 default 250 m 
 with twisted-pair extenders 500 m 
 with MM fiber extenders 2500 m 
Global network 
 Architecture Peer-to-peer, up to 254 Controllers 
 Connection 2 x G-Net port, RJ-45, powered redundant ring, digital audio & control data 
 Cabling X-over FTP CAT5e (or higher) / multimode optical fiber 
 Current consumption max. 500 mA per port, reserved only for network extenders 
 Max. distance between devices 
 default 250 m 
 with twisted-pair extender 500 m 
 with MM fiber extenders 2500 m 

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