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Loudspeaker line isolator

  Fault Isolator Module


The Loopdrive special designed housing in combination with colored WAGO push-terminals are a guarantee for a fast and correct installation of the device.
4Evac-Loopdrive - Sliding to Open
4Evac-Loopdrive-Wago push terminals
4evac-Loopdrive - Tie and Wrap.
4Evac-Loopdrive - Plug and Play

The LoopDrive plug and play wiring range of devices revolutionize the way audio isolator systems are installed.

It cuts installation costs, reduces waste, improves site efficiency, enhances site safety and accelerates construction programmes.

Main benefits:
  • Reduced installation costs

  • Quick and simple to install

Cables can be ordered in pre-determined lengths with factory fitted and tested plugs at either end.

These loop cables plug directly into the plug and play adapter with fitting female sockets and are locked into place with minimum effort.

Plug-and-Play key features:
  • Reduced installation time by up to 70%

  • Rugged components – Factory Assembled

  • Minimal skill level required

  • Certainty of correct installation

  •  Easily integrated with conventional installation methods.

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