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Do you provide a safe environment ?

4EVAC, Voice Alarm Solution can !


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A new class of voice alarm control and indication equipment solutions

Combining over 30 years experience in voice alarm manufacture, 4EVAC delivers a new class of Voice-Alarm Control and Indication Equipment solutions.

Headed by Albert Van Der Hout and his team, 4EVAC is committed to providing cost-effective VACIE systems that break the mould of traditional solutions.

Nos jeux

Our mission: Supplying a modern generation of products that are based on a 'plug in and play' principle.

Our products :

Offering systems that are as well as compact as modular, 4EVAC has designed it’s products to meet the demands of installers and users alike.  Demystifying the traditional ‘rack-mounted’ systems that rely on complex configuration, 4EVAC has made IMPACT VOICE ALARM SYSTEM range of products with remote controlled zone-expanders for both simplified zone switching (IMPACT-SW) and for complex Multi-Media applications (IMPACT-MM). 


Set apart by it’s design the Compact500, offers a lean design footprint and makes for lean, cost effective installation and operation. Comprising self-contained compact Wall-mounted Control  and Indicating Voice-Alarm  panels, the C500 offers a ‘mean’ and powerful solution, providing an advanced digital audio-distribution on a networked VACIE solution. 


Designing and manufacturing it’s products in Europe to rigorous specifications, 4EVAC delivers unparalleled quality and reliability. Fully compliant with the EN54-16 certification, for additional peace of mind all 4EVAC products are third party approved and certified to all European standards including: EN54-4, EN54-16, EN54-17, EN54-18, EN54-24, CB, EMC and UKCA.

IMPACT Multi-Media (Impact-MM) system features 4EVAC’s proprietary MAZE protocol: audio-over-IP transport platform.

 Impact MM, equipped with MAZE network cards, enables Ethernet ports, through which the Voice Alarm system has access to 250 high quality, low latency audio channels over IP. Multiple sites with individual Voice Alarm installations can transmit and receive simultaneous background music programs via LAN. Built-in 100Mbps switch allows for point-to-point connections, without use of 3rd party switches or routers.


 The MAZE IP broadcast network is an additional BGM facility for most demanding modern audio distribution demands

4EVAC is a trade name under Hacousto Holland BV and owner of the intellectual properties. Products as: LOOPDRIVE, COMPACT500 and IMPACT are our own developments.

Hacousto Holland BV is responsible for the development, production and global distribution of the 4EVAC products.


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