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IMPACT Switching (SW)

Built to meet the highest expectations, still remain user friendly, flexible and cost effective, IMPACT sets a new course for the Voice Alarm System industry.


The IMPACT system consists of only two chassis, one controller that transfers the network data stream to the amplifier and a DCA-2.500 amplifier completed with at least one 4E-SW6 module. The 4E-SW6 is an intelligent 2-into-6 Remote Controlled Zone Expander and zoning module that subdivides broadcasts into a multiple of six sub-areas. The 4E-SW6 provides ‘built-in’ loudspeaker monitoring.


Now it is time to think smart and combine battery charger capabilities with the integrated power amplifier. The DCA-2.500 amplifier not only drives the system up to an impressive 1000 Watt, but it also charges and surveys a scalable battery pack for up to three 1000 Watt amplifiers. This not only reduces hardware and rack-space but most importantly, it decreases installation and operational costs whilst increasing reliability. Simple to configure with it’s easy to use GUI tool guiding software you create a systems solution with multiple Voice-Alarm zones, paging-zones and music areas in minutes. High quality DSP-processing guarantees 4EVAC Manager is an overall programming application tool that provides a comprehensive application specific interface to your IMPACT and COMPACT500 networked system. The software provides an overview of your overall system status and makes system operation very easy through an intuitive and secure user interface configuration tool that makes complex programming and service easier than ever.

4EVAC Manager programming application for IMPACT and COMPACT500 system provides:


  • Quick download and upload of the system configuration;

  • Update of firmware and configuration over the Network to all-devices (Each CONTROLLER or COMPACT500 holds a complete copy of the system configuration file)

  • Flashcard exchange protocol for quick system update/ programming in case of computer access disability or emergency purpose.


4EVAC Controller is the head unit of the 19” rack mounted Impact Voice Evacuation System. The Controller covers complete EN54-16 certified functionality, as well as a variety of features essential to Public Address applications.


4EVAC Controller incorporates 16 monitored contact inputs; 8 GPO, 4 relay outputs, 2 analogue audio inputs and 2 outputs. In addition, local network interfaces for max. 16 local peripheral devices (e.g. mic consoles) and 2 global network ports for interconnecting multiple systems in a redundant ring topology are included.


The Controller is designed to work with 4EVAC DCA2.500 power amplifiers over a 4EVAC proprietary AMP LINK protocol. The Controller can also be easily integrated with any third-party PA/VA power amplifier.


Unique are the external 4E-SW6 remote switching devices that features 6 lines EVAC/ALERT or PAGING/ BGM with incorporated line monitoring.


IMPACT SW can grow up to 1000 speaker lines easily.

Audio Matrix

The CONTROLLER deals with inputs according to their own signal priority table, distributing the audio using the digital AMP-link module, which handles two prioritised audio streams through a dynamic assignment technique, to a maximum of 16 DCA-2.500 amplifiers per CONTROLLER.




  • Local Audio Network: 3x L-Net for remote control devices.

  • Global Audio Network: 2x G-Net for ring connectivity to up to 255 units.

  • 16-EVAC input

  • 8-GPO

  • Mandatory relay’s: FAULT/RESET/SILENCE

  • 2x aux entry

  • Amp-link

  • TCP-IP / AMP-link connectivity

  • Compatible with all L-NET devices / modules.

  • Dimensions: 44x483x340mm (HxWxD)

  • Weight: 2kg

  • IP-rating: IP30

  • RAL3011

  • EN54-16

2 x 500 Watt Power Amplifier

4EVAC DCA2.500 is a 2x500W transformer-less (Direct-drive) 100V power amplifier with integrated power supply and 24V battery charger. Designed and certified in full compliance with EN54-4 and EN54-16, DCA2.500 is an ideal component of a voice evacuation system or public address installation, where high reliability and safety is required.



  • 2ch amplifier

  • Aux input for local source

  • AMP-LINK for audio and data charing with CONTROLLER (RJ45)

  • Max. load: 2x500W @ 100V / 70V(-3dB) / 50V(-6dB) / LOW-Z max. 5A

  • Frequency respond: 20 - 35kHz @ 500W/ch • Battry charger: 4Amp

  • Battery range: 30 - 100Ah

  • Remote contacts for: GF/LAMPTEST/ 2xNC

  • Temperaturesensor included

  • AMP-LINK patchcable included

  • Dimensions: 88x483x340mm (HxWxD)

  • Weight: 8kg

  • IP-rating: IP30

  • RAL3011

  • EN54-16 & EN54-4


4EVAC Controller-Expander is an optional component of the 19” rack mounted Impact Voice Evacuation System. The Controller-Expander is identical to the Impact Controller with significant hardware and functional limitations. Functionally, the 4EVAC Controller-Expander works as a network hub for additional L-Net devices, such as microphone stations. In terms of interfacing, the Controller-Expander only features a DC power input and network ports (Global Network and Local Network).


Networked Audio Matrix and Voice Alarm Controller;


EXPANDER  basic functions:

  • Local Audio Network: 3x L-Net for remote control devices.

  • Global Audio Network: 2x G-Net for ring connectivity to up to 255 units.

  • Compatible with all L-NET devices /  modules. (Except for SW6).

  • AMP-Link  connectivity

  • Dimensions: 44x483x340mm (HxWxD)

  • Weight: 2kg

  • IP-rating: IP30

  • RAL3011

  • EN54-16

Remote Controlled Zone Expander module

4E-SW6 is a DIN-rail mounted 100V audio matrix with 2 inputs and 6 outputs, dedicated for both 4EVAC Compact and Impact systems.


4E-SW6 has two 100V audio inputs (CHA, CHB) which connect directly to amplifier outputs. 4E-SW6 expands the number of independent loudspeaker lines with individual surveillance and short-circuit isolator units (Loopdrive). Each loudspeaker line can handle up to 200 W load and can be assigned as a separate individual zone. One input can accept maximum 500 W of power, this is also the limit for total load of all 6 output lines together. 4E-SW6 is controlled by the main system controller (Compact 500 or Impact Controller) via L-Net, receiving in real time routing information for each output line in order to connect to channel A, channel B or internal bus C.




  • Directly connected to a single/dual output line of the DA-200/ DCA2.500 amplifier. The SW6 Zone Extender & Switching module sub-devides the signal path A & B into 6x additional surveilled speaker-line outputs.

  • All SW6-outputs can be individually addressed and are carrying signal path A or B.

  • Each output can switch to internal 20kHz line surveillance generator (path C).

  • Each switched output zone requires an EOL-device for line-integrity detection.

  • Max. of 3x SW6 sharing 1x L-Net connection for communication and power purpose. (Without additional 24VDC) The SW6 can be remotely powered incase more than 3x SW6 units need to be linked to a single L-Net line.

  • Max. load: 500W per channel

  • Redundant L-Net link, 2xRJ45

  • Addressable: 0-255

  • EN54-16

IMPACT Cluster Charging

The EN54-16 and EN54-4 standard certified, lightweight DCA-2.500 D-Class amplifier provides powerful audio amplification. It delivers 2 x 500 W outputs and is housed in a 2U 19-inch rackhousing. Multiple DCA-2.500 amplifiers can be stacked together sharing a single battery pack, providing back-up power and collective recharging capabilities.


The amplifier has been designed along ‘modern-art’ lines and features a transformer-less design with not only a direct 100 V output for distributed loudspeaker systems, but also drives into a low-impedance source from 8ohm and up. With cutting-edge design, the DCA-2.500 sets a standard for the most demanding projects with demanding audio architecture.


Each DCA-2.500 is equipped with a powerful 4A battery charger capable of charging into a single 100Ah battery set.


A Master/Slave system architecture, dictated by the AMP- LINK, regulates the battery-cluster charging procedure and status control. This way a single, larger battery pack can be shared with multiple amplifiers.

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