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Do you provide a safe environment ?

4EVAC Voice Alarm Solution can !

From simple to complex installation,

IMPACT, COMPACT, Loopdrive combined solutions.


Patented short-circuit isolator system with full line surveillance, compatible with any PA / VA system on the market. Next generation upgrade from the EOL or impedance monitoring.


All-in-one Voice Alarm system in a tiny package. 600 W into 36 zones from a single wall box, including battery, backup amp, fireman’s microphone, GPIO and much more. Amazing network capabilities.


19” rack mounted modular Voice Alarm center. Unique power performance, up to 96 zones and more than 15 kW from a 33U block. Networkable up to 254 racks, fully compatible with Compact.


Multi-Media upgrade of IMPACT SW, featuring lossless, low latency 250-channel audio over IP protocol, impressive DSP and built-in Ethernet switches. Perfect synergy of Voice Alarm and Public Address with modern multi-channel broadcast capability.

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