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March 5, 2020

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4EVAC is a trade name of Hacousto Holland B.V.

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Design :

Loudspeaker line isolator

  Fault Isolator Module


Fault Isolator Module

Certificate: EN54-17

CPR number: 0560-CPR-142190002

Patent number: EP 0967833 B1

The Fault Isolator Module (FIM) is the successor in our range of loudspeaker loop-isolator devices that are using our patent technology to deliver a higher level of availability of evacuation loudspeaker lines that are installed according to the return-loop principle. 


A loudspeaker failure in a faulty section between any two FIM’s in the loop is automatically detected and isolated in order to ensure maximum availability of the remaining loudspeakers on that same loop. The FIM protects the loop integrity against any open and wire-to-wire short circuits.



Broadcast is interrupted.

The audio-transmission path is affected by the hazard. Broadcast is interrupted, people are confused and do not know where to go to. All isolators take immediate action by isolating from the transmission path and start measuring to locate and isolate the hazard. 



Evacuation signal is broadcast in the zone.


Loopdrive system is in quiescent mode. A maximum of 200 isolators are guarding over the audio-transmission path. All zones are broadcasting the evacuation signal.

Evacuation signal is broadcast in the zone.


In less than 4 seconds the hazard has been detected and isolated from the transmission path. Broadcast continues.