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LOOPDRIVE is a life-saving add-on to any existing Voice-Alarm system

LOOPDRIVE is a live-saving add-on to any existing Voice-Alarm system. In case of an evacuation due to fire, it is essential that the Voice-alarm broadcast remains playing for as long as possible to guide everyone to a save exit. During a fire, sounders and cabling, incl. fire-rated cabling, will be affected by the raising intense heat and eventually loose its transmission-path function.

LOOPDRIVE locates any audio transmission-path failure and isolates it to avoid consequential damages.

At the same time it re-routes the audio-path from the Voice-Alarm system to the sounders and in less than 4 seconds after any failure, the sounders are up and running again and broadcast of the Voice-alarm signal continues.

LOOPDRIVE use patent technology and is EN54-17 certified and can work in conjunction with any type EN54-16 certified Voice Alarm system on the market. Due to its Ultra-low power consumption of only 2,4 Watt for a full LOOPDRIVE configuration, it does not set any additional requirements to the VACIE.

Each loopdrive zone can handle up to 800Watt of speaker load drive up to 200 isolators with total loop ength of up to 1000m standard 2-wire cable.

LOOPDRIVE comes with a smart and versatile box that can be combined with most existing EN-certified ceiling loudspeakers on the market. Due to the usage of clear status indicators and colored push-terminals it is ‘installers-friendly’. “Fault tolerant, Easy and fast to install” It even has a special adapter with female connectors to accommodate for fault tolerant length-prepared plug-and-play cables.

LOOPDRIVE comes with speaker fixing screw, tie-wraps, cable-release tool and service software.If you like to upgrade your Voice-alarm system, or even thinking to add LOOPDRIVE to your portfolio visit our website at:


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