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Hacousto International invites you to ISE 2016

Come and experience COMPACT 500 at ISE 2016 ! BOOTH 7 - R164.

The Sophisticated Audio/Voice Evacuation, Compact 500 Networked VACIE solution is based on distributed boxed-amplifiers concept. This cutting-edge of digital audio-distribution technology, represents a variety of compact self-contained wall-mounted Control and Indicating Voice-Alarm panels, creating a flexible and still simple to control distributed VACIE concept.

The Compact 500 is a thoroughly ‘system-in-a–box’ concept which offers the simplicity of a stand-alone conventional system and the benefits of global Network topology.

Designed to meet from the basic normative requirements up to most demanding needs of engineers, facility managers, building owners and electrical contractors. 4EVAC range of products builds upon the field-proven design culture of experts in the fire-safety and voice-alarm market.

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