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4EVAC – New LoopDrive FIM Safeguards Any Voice Alarm / Voice Evacuation System

Launched in 2015 the LoopDrive Fault Isolator Module (FIM) integrates 4EVAC’s patented technology to increase the reliability and heighten the performance of evacuation loudspeaker lines installed using the return-loop systems’ design principle. Unfortunately, despite flameproof cabling and cable enclosures and fire resistant loudspeakers, an entire VA/VE installation can still be vulnerable to damage caused by the emergency or just general systems failure. The 4EVAC FIM was created to automatically detect any problems or failures on a loudspeaker line and isolate that section while ensuring messages are still being broadcast on the rest of the system. In line with 4EVAC’s ethos the LoopDrive FIM is simple to install and operate. Infinitely con􀃗gurable it is a modular ‘plug in and play’ system. Saving costs with its simple integrative design, 4EVAC prides itself in minimising installation costs. Manufactured to the highest speci􀃗cations in Europe, the LoopDrive FIM is fully compliant and certi􀃗ed to both EN54-16 and EN54-17 regulations.

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