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Brace Yourself for IMPACT! 4EVAC’s new IMPACT product range was successfully launched at Security Es

Visitors to the 4EVAC booth at Security Essen were able to see the company’s latest system, the IMPACT. The system is a progression on 4EVAC’s existing products.

Security Essen 2018 provided a broad platform for all aspects of technology and services aimed at the protection and safety sectors. Among the 950 exhibitors benefiting from this international showcase was Dutch voice alarm (VA) and public address (PA) manufacturer 4EVAC, which displayed its full range of products and formally launched its latest system, the IMPACT. This year's Security Essen at the Messe Essen exhibition centre drew in more than 36,000 trade visitors from 125 countries. The Chief Executive of Messe Essen, Oliver P Kuhrt, said after the show that the theme of our time was protection, be it private or public, digital or analogue. This is very much a priority for 4EVAC, which has developed VACIE (voice alarm control and indicating equipment) products that provide reliable communications to help protect human life in both everyday circumstances and at times of direst emergency.

This approach started with the Compact 500 one-box, wall-mounted VACIE system. This continues to attract a lot of attention and Security Essen was no exception. Compact 500 was designed to be an easy-to-use solution to the problem of installing VA/PA technology in small to medium-sized buildings. Behind the simple user interface is full networking capability, with two 'live-stream' audio channels and a serial data channel distributed to a series of zones using a redundant global network loop.

A priority for any VACIE system is for it to continue broadcasting emergency instructions even if some of its components are faulty or damaged. To ensure continued operation, 4EVAC developed the Fault Isolator Module (FIM), which automatically detects any problems on loudspeaker lines and re-routes the signal so messages will still get through. The new IMPACT system is a logical progression of 4EVAC's existing products, some of which are incorporated into it. These include the DCA-2.500 amplifier and 4EVAC Manager programming application. Added to these is the IMPACT CONTROLLER, which works with the amp and management app to create a compact, powerful system for distributing messages over multiple loudspeaker lines to a greater number of zones using fewer amplifiers.

"The IMPACT was our big launch for Security Essen and it received a lot of interest from the many visitors who came on our stand," comments 4EVAC's founder and Business Development Director, Albert Van Der Hout. "But the Compact 500 and our other products were not overshadowed. Many people were looking at these systems, which shows we have produced a comprehensive range of products to cover all types of VA/PA installation. "

Built to meet the highest expectations, still remain user friendly, flexible and cost effective, IMPACT sets a new course for the Voice Alarm System industry.

The IMPACT system combine battery charger capabilities with the integrated power amplifier. The DCA-2.500 amplifier not only drives the system up to an impressive 1000 Watt, but it also charges and surveys a scalable battery pack for up to three 1000 Watt amplifiers. This not only reduces hardware and rack-space but most importantly, it decreases installation and operational costs whilst increasing reliability.

Simple to configure with it seasy to use GUI tool guiding software you create a systems solution with multiple Voice-Alarm zones, paging-zones and music areas in minutes. High quality DSP processing guarantees state of the art audio performance throughout the building as well as highly intelligible pre-recorded and live message broadcast for both commercial and live-safety applications.

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