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4EVAC UK ltd makes and impact at FIREX 2019

Showcasing its (VA) voice alarm and public address (PA) systems sole UK distributor, 4EVAC Ltd, made an impact at FIREX 2019. The company boasts over 30 years’ experience and will exclusively offer 4EVAC’s unique product portfolio, including its popular Compact 500 networked box on a wall, the new IMPACT system and its innovative LoopDrive FIM.

Compact 500 at Firex 2019

Demystifying the traditional ‘rack-mounted’ systems that rely on complex wiring and configuration, 4EVAC supplies a modern family of products that are based on a “plug and play” principle. By offering systems that are modular, 4EVAC has designed its products to meet the demands of installers and users alike.

General Manager, John Inkster, commented: “ FIREX was a good launch pad for 4Evac UK and during the event we met a lot of existing contacts and new integrators both from the UK and overseas. The 4Evac product range generated a great deal of positive interest, with many people commenting on its ease of operation and value for money. The show was not only a positive start in the UK for 4Evac but coincided with the first implementation of the IMPACT range for a major High Street Bank. Now we’re looking forward to following up with the integrators, architects and fire professionals we met.”

From Left to right: Alan Inkster, MD, Imperium Integration Ltd, Albert VanDer Hout, Division Manager, 4EVAC and John Inkster, General Manager, 4EVAC UK Ltd

The IMPACT concept takes existing 4EVAC technology and presents it as a scalable, modular solution. All modules, including the DCA-2.500 amplifier and the new CONTROLLER are configured with the 4EVAC Manager programming application. The interchangeable nature of COMPACT 500 and IMPACT allows you to integrate them to create a powerful and tailored solution.

IMPACT is able to distribute messages over multiple loudspeaker lines to more zones using fewer amplifiers. The DCA-2.500 amplifier itself sits in a 2U, 19-inch rack. Standing apart from conventional power amplifiers, the DCA2.500 is not only a transformer less direct drive unit but also features an in-built scalable battery charger with a temperature sensor that is EN54-4 compliant. Up to three DCA-2.500 amplifiers can be stacked together sharing a single battery pack, providing built in back-up power and recharging capabilities.

The DCA-2.500 amplifier delivers 2×500 W outputs but it can also be bridged into a single output of 1000W. The DCA-2.500 is a Class-D unit and conforms to the EN54-16 and EN54-4 standard.

Designing and manufacturing its products in Europe to rigorous specifications, 4EVAC delivers unparalleled quality and reliability. Fully compliant with the EN54-16 certification, for additional peace of mind all 4EVAC products are third party approved and certified to all European standards including: EN54-16, EN54-4, and EN50130-4.

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