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BRACE YOURSELF FOR IMPACT at Security Essen - 25-29 September 2018

4EVAC is introducing Compact 500, distributed Voice Alarm System, LOOPDRIVE, loudspeaker line surveillance and IMPACT Voice Alarm System.


The system boosts both unique and affordable technology, which meets the exacting demands for VACIE equipment for voice alarm applications. Fully compliant with both EN54-16 and EN54-4 regulations Compact 500 offers a single box solution that maximizes your cost efficiency, without compromising on quality and seamless integration. Offering affordable PA/VA evacuation solutions: The new Compact 500 is set apart.

LOOPDRIVE LOUDSPEAKER LINE SURVEILLANCE Launched in 2015, the LoopDrive Fault Isolator Module (FIM), was created to automatically detect any problems or failures on a loudspeaker line and isolate that section while ensuring messages are still being broadcast on the rest of the system.

The FIM is based on the return-loop principle. Modules are placed between groups of loudspeakers in a loop. If there is a short or other fault between any two isolators in the chain, both will switch immediately to open circuit status, which isolates the faulty loudspeakersection in between. Other isolators on the system, the loudspeakers on the loop and the T-branch speakers of the FIMs that have been activated will continue to operate as normal.


new VACIE (voice alarm control and indicating equipment) system that has been built to meet the highest expectations of users and integrators but is still user friendly, flexible and cost effective.

Setting a new course for the Voice Alarm system industry, IMPACT is a multi-channel VACIE system comprising only two rack frames and ‘Remote-Controlled-Zone-Expanders’ switching modules.

A CONTROLLER rackframe that handles and transfers the Network datastreams and an AMPLIFIER rackframe for the DCA-2.500 2x500 Watts with integrated battery charger.

The 4E-SW6 ‘2-into-6’, A smart ‘Remote-Controlled-Zone-Expander’ switching and zoning module with built-in loudspeakerline surveillance, which sub-divide the broadcasts into a multiple of six sub-zones.

IMPACT offers a wide range of user interfaces, including touchscreens and wall-box and desktop paging consoles. The Global Network connects up to 32 CONTROLLERS and over 200 paging consoles, GPIO modules and SW6 Remote-Controlled-Zone-Expander modules, divided into multiple subzones of six, offering a staggering size of up to 1500 speaker-lines and 255 zones.

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